April 17, 2014

Since 1984 NCG Insurance Agency has served the religious, educational & social service nonprofit communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Each group represents a commitment to providing comfort & care to individuals in need, whether mind, body or soul.

NCG Insurance understands the unique needs & exposures that socially minded organizations face every day, giving us the insight to develop comprehensive solutions.



Our Areas of Expertise

Houses of Worship by NCG Insurance
Houses of Worship
Regardless of size, all churches face a multitude of risks in today's world.  Learn more about how we can uncomplicate insurance for your specific needs.
Private Schools & Colleges by NCG Insurance
Private Schools & Colleges
You have enough to consider in creating the environment and curriculum for your students.  Allow us to assist your educational institution in building a strong risk management program as well.
Social Service Nonprofits by NCG Insurance
Social Service Nonprofits
We specialize in working with organizations that provide care to society's most vulnerable: children, senior citizens, and those mentally or physically challenged.  Your needs are different from other "nonprofit" organizations.  Allow us to develop a customized program  for you.
Home School Solutions by NCG Insurance
Home School Solutions               
Our program was designed by and for home school support groups!  We can provide the right protection for your home school group's scholastic and sports activities.